here is my setup

OS 64bit Windows 7
Gigabyte (GA-A75M-S2V) mobo
AMD A6-3500 APU
OCZ Vertex 3 60gb ssd (sata 3)
Western Digital 3tb Green (sata 3) x2 <------- trying to raid 0

I installed windows on my OCZ 60gb FIRST. My 3tb WD drives did not delivery till later. THEN, When the storage drives came I installed them and went into bios to change sata setting to RAID mode. Then I went into raid settings to setup up the drives and put the x2 3tb WD drives to raid 0.

The mobo boots and list the drives as (functional) the screen scrolls and then the windows screen looks normal and then blacks out and restarts over and does it again.

I did some research and read to put the my OS drive on SATA 3 #0 and put the RAID drives on SATA #4 & #5. No luck.
I have put the OS on SATA #5 and the others on #0 & #1. no luck
I also have OS on SATA #0 and the others on #2 & #3. no luck

The problem I assume is that the drives are 3tb? Gigabyte has a program called UNLOCK 3TB+ but this is done after the post?

In effort to try to RAID 0 I was going to use WINDOWS OS to use raid by using disc management option. The OS only sees 2TB of the 3TB discs :( . I then used the 3TB unlock program. The program unlocked the rest of the by putting the data on a different partition.

The two 3tb drives turn into 4 partitions. Yuck! Disc Management cant not change them to just one and does not raid the two. But it can raid the two smaller partitiions that it the 3TB unlock manage to do.
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  1. can check only one 3TB HDD at at time with no raid 0 setup for check?
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