Core i7-2600 VS Xeon E3-1245

I am thinking of getting a web server to serve about 10 wordpress 5 drupal websites, total 15 websites on LAMP set up. I need to decides which one is better choice for me. Please help me choose.

I like the idea that Xeon CPUs are server grade and most people say Core i7 CPUs are desktop grade. So which one should i use?

Core i7-2600
2 x 3TB SATA III 7.2k rpm 6Gb/s


Core E3-1245
2 x 3TB SATA III 7.2k rpm 6Gb/s
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  1. Depends on your budget. If you get a xeon, you'll have to spend extra on ecc ram, but be very sure you get the right brand and type. Server boards are very specific about the kind of ram they can use. Set a firm budget first, then search for ram and board prices before you make a choice. It's possible to use some server boards with a regular desktop cpu, but it's a waste of money. You're paying extra to use ecc ram for better acuracy, so use the xeon if you get a server board.
  2. Here's a barebones box from newegg. All you add is the cpu and ram:
  3. i will be renting the server...and as said i will be using this server as web server for several websites..with high traffic
    between EX-4 and EX-6
  4. For a server, if renting a service, even a minimal Box is sufficient.
  5. You are not answering my question
    Can you please read the thread question?
  6. Depends on your total budget. But the xeon and ecc ram are the better choice for accuracy. Be sure you get the ram specs for the server board, unless it comes with it. The i7 2600 won't run with registered ram if the board requires it.
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