Building a new PC, need opinions.

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  1. you are unlikely to see any improvement in games
  2. You won't see significant performance boost in modern titles.
    If you can't afford more get a i3 2100 instead of i5 2500K and save the money for a good GPU like 6750 or 450 or 6770
  3. are you going to overclock your i5 2500k cause if not it's not exactly worth it
  4. To really take advantage of a processor as fast as a 2500K, or higher, I personally wouldn't use a video card lower than a 6870 or 560ti, but that's just me. You'd get a 3 fold increase in fps over a 9800 GTX in most games.
  5. This will be a good build as soon as you get a GPU. Until then, it'll be wasted potential, but that's your choice. Everything looks good.
  6. Quote:
    By then you will probably find better deals on the things you are trying to buy.

    True. I hadn't thought of that. That's probably a better idea.
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