48 port gigabit unmanaged switch review

Anyone have a recommendation for a 48 port unmanaged switch - good or bad?
this is strictly carrying data, does not have to be layer 3 or POE
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  1. Not many 48 port unmanaged switches, infact I could only fine one for sure. So as far as recomendations go, 1 of 1 is your pick.


    http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/powerconnect-2848/pd?refid=switch-powerconnect-2848 looks to be managed, but is pretty cheap.

    I can't think of a business reason why a company would make a 48 port switch without any type of controls. The market for it would be maybe 10 people.
  2. Without even looking at the links posted by HT9, I would expect the 48 port switch to cost significantly more. In addition it would be a single point of failure. I would recommend going with 2-24 port unmanaged switches.
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