Check my specs, will this result to bottleneck?

I am still planning to buy maybe 2 or 3 new computers for my internet cafe

Intel Dual Core E660
2gb DDR3 RAM
LGA775, Asrock G41M-VS3
AMD Radeon HD6670
A generic 600W PSU
500gb WD Caviar Blue
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  1. I don't think anything will bottleneck there, i would recommend a good quality 400W PSU over a generic 600W though.
  2. Definitely go with a high quality PSU, as these systems will be on all the time.
    xigmatek 400W, Antec EW 380, Corsair CX 430, or Seasonic 80+ Bronze 350W should all be usable an run from $35-45
  3. Thank you for your feedback guys! Will be going to hit a true rated PSU.

    BTW, can WinXP capable of accomodating 4GB of Physical Memory?
  4. Win XP 32 bit can access up to 3.25 to 3.75 GB of RAM, depending.
  5. Is there a 64-bit version of WinXP that can run on any PC based system?
  6. there is, but if you're buying THAT, you might as well get Windows 7 anyway.

    if you get win 7, buy the family packs that allow up to 3 computers per registration.

    It comes with the upgrade CD, but here's the trick: Install windows 7 from the upgrade CD. Skip activation.
    reinstall, choosing upgrade, activate it this time. This is NOT a cheat and is how Microsoft intended it to work.
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