Best amd for m2a-vm in 2011


i have a asus m2a-vm with a brisbane 6000+ amd cpu -- looking for more "juice" should i /could i just upgrade to a phenom x4...or should i upgrade the mobo also?
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  1. I suggest you check your bios file at the post screen. the phenom II 945 at 95 watts only is the fastest cpu you can run. The 125w version won't work. Check frys, newegg, ebay, craigslist, and anandtech's for sale forum for pricing. If your bios file is older than 5001, use your old cpu to flash the bios using asus "ez flash 2" flash utility program. Be very careful or you will end up with a dead motherboard. Disable "boot block" and "virus protection" settings in the bios, and windows firewall setting. Download and install the flash program. Once it starts, a small black window appears. You may save your old file if prompted with a floppy disk or usb flash drive, but it's not necessary. Let the program finish. If the system reboots, change your boot order to cd>hardrive, save and exit. Good luck.
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