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hi i have a intel celeron (R) one core 2.66 processor and i have got my hands on a dual core 3.o ghz and it looks the same as my old one and fits in the same but when i turn it on it starts beebing at me and won,t run so i need some help ???from any one who knows any thing about this sort of thing
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  1. :lol: what exact motherboard and cpu do you have? It might use a different socket.
  2. intel r prescott socket 775lga hewiett/packard mother board 097ch (xu1 processor 2.66ghz

    and thats about all i know
  3. While your new CPU may physically fit in the motherboard, the BIOS probably does not recognize it which is why your PC will not run.

    You need to see if there is a BIOS upgrade for your current computer to make use of the CPU. If there is no such BIOS then there is no way to use that CPU.

  4. ^+1 exactly!
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