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Hello All,

Recently i bought MSI Radeon 6870 twin frozer ii . I had very bad experience with this card till now as iam getting very low fps in all the games than what this card is capable of. So , i checked it with GPU-Z and what i observed is that the bus interface is showing as PCI-E 2.0 x16 @ x1 2.0.
So ,I replaced it with my old card (9600gt) , and for it is showing the bus interface as PCI-E 2.0 x16 @ x16 2.0 . In modern warfare 2 iam getting 52 fps with 9600gt and 30 fps with 6870. Here is the GPU-Z screenshot :

Even though iam playing the game it is still remaining at that value only. What do you guys think is the problem? I think i can get some help to resolve this in this forums.
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  1. someone answer my question please................
  2. What mobo, PSU do you have? Did you plug-in the power plugs into card?
  3. Yes we can't really help you unless you tell us more inofrmantion about your PC.

    What are you full system specs(PSU,Mobo,RAM,CPU,etc.)

    GPU-Z is showing you card running at it's full clock speeds so it's not a downclocking issue which would be releated to power or heat.
    I think the problem lies with your mobo not the card.List your mobo and other specs and maybe we can make more direct assumptions.
  4. Most likely the motherboard. AMD cards support PCIe 2.1, and can have issues in older PCIe 1.0 boards. I'd love to know what board you have. The good news is that if it is the board, a bios update should fix the problem. Assuming there is an update available.
  5. ^What I was thinking.Just waiting for the Mobo..
  6. PSU - Corsair VX 450
    Mobo - Biostar TA-790GXBE
    RAM - 4 gb 667mhz
    CPU- Phenom II X4 965 BE @ 3.4 Ghz
    Monitor - HCL 17 " LCD monitor
    Hard Disk - Seagate Barracuda 500 GB 7200.12

    Reply me fast please....Iam waiting for your reply.....
  7. My old 9600gt is working perfect with that mobo and for it ,the bus interface is showing as PCI-E 2.0 x16 @ x16 2.0.
  8. ........................
  9. Biostar website




    The website is saying that the bus speed is supposed to run at 2.0.So that cancels out that being the problem.

    It doesn't make sense but maybe whenever you put in the 6870 your mobo might be treating it as a regular PCI-Express x1 slot,for whatever reason.Try updating the BIOS.
    Doesn't seem like they have any BIOS updates pertaing to this issue.Although it's always worth a shot.

    Before you try to update the BIOS try disabling the on board video and set the PCI-Express as the default.
  10. Don't bump threads, makes the mod gods angry.

    The 790 should be new enough to handle PCIe 2.1 cards. You might want to look for a bios update just in case. The VX450 only has one PCIe plug, so make sure the adapter you used is hooked up properly.
  11. I already set the primary video controller as GFX0-GPP-IGFX-PCI.
    There are three files in that website ,which one do i need to download and update?
  12. Done.
    I updated the BIOS with the third one( Support AMD C3 verison CPU ).Still it is displaying the same and in CCC also it is showing as PCI Express 2.0x1 .
    Any other suggestions?
  13. Quote:
    The 790 should be new enough to handle PCIe 2.1 cards. You might want to look for a bios update just in case. The VX450 only has one PCIe plug, so make sure the adapter you used is hooked up properly.
  14. ^
    I hooked it up properly and i checked it several times.
  15. Humor me, how did you hook it up? If your board has more then one PCIe slot, are you sure you have it in the right one?
  16. The OPs board has only x1 PCI-Express x16 slot.But it has a intergreted GPU.
  17. ^
    My board has only one PCI-E slot (Biostar TA-790GXBE) .There are two 6-pin power plugs for 6870 and i connected one with PCI-E connector from PSU and another one with 6-pin to 4-pin power cable as shown below to 4-pin connectors of PSU :
  18. When i disconnected any of these power cables from the card , there is no display. So , i think the problem is not with these power cables.
  19. I came across this thread,it might help.


    It had the same issue as yours.So it might just be a bad card.But you can try cleaning it like that one guy suggested.
  20. Ok, I was wanting to make sure you used both molex plugs. I've seen it before where people only use one. This puts me back at zero. Unless its a broken/dirty card, I don't see what else it could be.
  21. The last possibility is it might be a bad card. My bad luck that i got a new bad one.
  22. I've never heard of the GPU downclocking the mobo's speed on the slot.I've always thought the mobo was the one to control the speed not the GPU.
  23. So, what is your conclusion?
    Is that cuz of a bad card or bad mobo or any other reason?
  24. Well we can cancel out that it's your mobo because you've tryed it with a different card and it worked.It's obviously the 6870 that is the problem.

    This might sound silly but have you tryed downloading the newst drivers from ATI?
  25. Try downloading this MSI Graphics Driver 8.796 at MSI's website.


    Make sure you select your OS.
  26. Yes ,previously i have CCC version 11.6 which is the latest one.
    After installing MSI Graphics driver also, the same thing is happening.
  27. RMA the card then.I can't think of anything else that would be the problem except the card.Badluck
  28. Are they going to give me a new card as there is no problem with the card display? Are they going to check it that it is running at 1x ?
    I bought it from a distributor , what do i have to tell him about the problem?
    Sorry if it sounds silly....just wanna know about it...
  29. If you bought it from anyone you should still be covered by the MSI Warranty that comes with every card.Since your card is still new you will most likely still be covered on the Warranty.

    I think the easiest way to avoid the RMA as much as possible is to start a customer service with MSI.
  30. I raised the same question in MSI forums and they told me to check in another pc and if it exhibits the same behavior in that pc also then they suggested to get the card exchanged.
    I will check it another pc and will post the result in 3 or 4 days as i dont have the availability of another pc now.
    Thanks for the suggestions purple stank.....I will post the result soon...
  31. Sounds like the card may not be connecting inside the slot properly -- one of the gold tabs may not be making correct contact (could be a stray bit of plastic or oil or something keeping it from making good contact) so the MOBO is thinking the card is an x1 card -- try cleaning the connectors off and check that all of the connectors inside the slot are making contact properly ( though since the other card is working it is most likely something on the card itself and not the MOBO slot (unless the new card is a bit thinner and not making proper contact with the MOBO slot)
  32. Update :

    I checked my card in my friend's pc who also got 5850 . My card is not producing any display in his pc . I got an awesome card that i need to be exchanged .
  33. Yah that seems like its a bad card.
    Best to RMA it.

  34. Finally got a new card which is working as expected...:)
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