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Hyper 212+ w/ i7-980

I recently upgrade my computer, purchased everything new besides the case. The problem I'm having is I have a i7-980 with the hyper212+ with the extra 120mm fan. Running the system w/stock speeds (3.33GHz) under prime95, I'm seeing temps at and around 65C. Idle around 40C. I have the front fan pulling air, the rear fan pushing air with the case exhaust fan about 4-5 inches pushing the air out of the case. I reseated the heatsink twice with a fresh thin layer of AS5. No change. These temps seem a little high to me. I upgrade from a Core 2 Quad 2.67GHz which I overclocked to 3.2GHz and it would hover around these temps. Does the i7 run hot? I have the turbo disabled but I left the HT enable. For what I'm using this computer for, I'd rather have the HT then the speed. Anybody have any advice of temp ranges for this CPU. Thanks
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  1. Those temps are about right. Those 1366 cpus run warmer than almost every other cpu I've used. I ran one briefly at 90c once and windows didn't crash. You'll be fine. Stop fiddling with it. I worked for dell several times handling components. Once you install something, it's best to leave it alone if it works.
  2. What would you say the max stable temp would be safe? Tried the motherboards auto 4GHz and cut prime 95 off in about 30 seconds when the cores where starting to hit 100C. The CPU started hitting 90C.
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    1. A $600 CPU and a $25 cooler is an odd match. I would have used a better cooler.....a Thermalright Silver Arrow for example, will pick ya up 7 - 10C

    2. AS5 takes about 200 hours of thermal cycling to cure.. I'd recommend Shin Etsu

    I have a 950 on a Megahalems and it runs in mid 60's at 3.8GHz
  4. 72c is ok according to our resident Intel rep Chris. Unless you have system instability, I would leave it alone.
  5. I just purchased a Megahalems and going to give that a go, temps where getting too high for me considering I would like to OC this to 4GHz. I already had this at 4GHz but temps where hitting 87C with the cores in the 105C range. Stable but too high for my taste. I'll give the Megahalems a go. The only reason I got the Hyper212+ where the good reviews, price wasnt really a factor.
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