CPU upgrade question (old dell motherboard)

Hi guys,

Computer at work needs a cpu upgrade.

It's a Dell optiplex 380 with DELL Optiplex 380 MotherBoard Minitower 0HN7XN HN7XN as the motherboard.(I believe that it is based on the intel G41 chipset

The tech specs from dell shows that it supports:

I was wondering if a q9450 is supported (since it's a half step upgrade just like the q9550)

New computer is out of the question. (Work won't buy things other than from "approved" vendors so no custom rigs)
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  1. Sure!
    The Q9450 cant possibly not be supported becaues both the Q9400 and Q9550 are supported.
  2. It's got a 255w PSU and it says that the power draw cannot exceed 80w on the 12v rail for the motherboard. The q9450 is rated for 95w TDP.

    Anyone know if under load, it would ever go over 80w.
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