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Anyone who owns a Palit GTX 560 1GB with standard clocks 810/1620/4008 ? (code NE5X5600HD02F)
I have it and I'm disappointed. In games the temperature exceeds 80 degrees celsius and the cooler is noisy.
After playing several hours Assassins Creed Brotherhood I've got artifacts(no overclocking).
On the other hand Palit put a warranty sticker on their rubbish cooler. So I am unable to replace it or to change the thermal grease.

Any suggestion?
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  1. Palit is kind of a hit or miss brand. That cooler looks quite terrible you should probably have bought this version by evga. Some things you could do is make sure you put your computer in a open space. I had my computer under my desk and it was around 10-15c hotter than when I moved it. You could also add some more fans if your case has room for it.
  2. My system case is opened and the card still gets very hot.
    At the begining I was very happy because I paid less than 200$ on this card.Several stores in my country sold this card even cheaper than a GTX 460 for several days.
    But even after this discount I'm still unhappy
  3. If you can I would return it. Also leaving your case open does not help as dust will fly straight in.
  4. The card is fast but I'm unhappy with the temperatures and noise. I bought it a little cheaper than a GTX 460. For the same money i can't find something at the same performance
  5. Obviously you know why it is cheaper so if you are willing to stay with it, eventually it will just get hotter with the eventual build up of dust..
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