E8500 overheating in the summer's heat

summer is here in australia and its already hitting 33C outside (93F)
so recently my e8500 has been reaching pretty high temps lately
idles at 40-45C (104-113F) and maxes at 75-80C (167-176F)

so i have two options:

quickly buy these at my local computer store:

which comes to $77


order these online but have to wait a few days for delivery
which comes to $94 PLUS $29 shipping fee = $123

P.S im only interested in getting something for my e8500 at these two sites NO WHERE ELSE.
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  1. dirtyferret said:
    noctua also makes great coolers, up to you on your budget

    it seems the temps are better on the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO than the kuhler 620 BUT wouldn't that be dependant on the room temperature?
    wouldn't watercooling be better since the air temperature is kinda high?
  2. any advice on the coolers from my local computer store?
  3. ok the 212 evo and AS5 all comes to $70
    which one of these fans can i get with the 212 evo?
  4. i just took a look at the dimensions of the 212 EVO and its 16cm high
    my case is only 18 cm wide, will it fit?
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