Antec 1200 vs Corsair 600t vs 650d vs CM Storm Trooper vs Raven

Hey guys, i am having trouble deciding which case i am going to use for my gaming build

I am looking to spend around $200 Australian on the case and buy from this retailer: or

These are the cases i was thinking of but any around that price from that retailer i will consider : Antec 1200, Corsair 600t, Corsair 650d, CM Storm Trooper, Silverstone Raven

Here are my preference in what i want for the case:

Black interior
Grommet Cable management
Tool less design
Options for water cooling
Side window
Good cooling and airflow

Thanks for your help :)
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  1. i would go with the CM or Raven. Personally i would take the CM storm trooper, but they are all great cases!!! cant go wrong with any of them.
  2. Yes i like the CM the most out of all the cases, especially because i might water cool in the future and according to cooler-master you can mount 2x 240mm Radiators and they said if you were "Creative" you can also mount a 480 mm radiator in the front. And its the newest
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