IGPU and GPU w/ Motherboard simultaneously

I’m planning on upgrading my new computer within the next couple of months and I’m confused on what the capabilities of current motherboards offer. I just recently bought a third monitor and thinking that since my GPU (Geforce 480) has 3 outputs that it would run flawlessly, it only supports 2 monitors but has 3 outputs (DVI*2, HDMI*1). I currently only use one of my monitors for simplistic web browsing, office, and other non-straining tasks, so I thought why can’t I use the iGPU to run one of the monitors with Intel 4000 Graphics. At this point I have 3 options since I’m upgrading:

A) Buy new AMD/Nvidia GPU that supports 3 monitors – Expensive
B) Buy a second Geforce 480 – Expensive and overkill for what I use it for (casual gaming and videos)
C) Run all 3 monitors off of the IB 3770k, wouldn’t take advantage of the GPU for gaming
D) Run both the onboard iGPU (IB 3770k) and a discrete graphics card (Geforce 480) at the same time to support the 3 monitors

I prefer to option D. I’m planning on purchasing a Z77 MOBO and the IB 3770k along with a few other upgrades. It is clearly noted (http://ark.intel.com/products/65523/Intel-Core-i7-3770K-Processor-(8M-Cache-up-to-3_90-GHz)) that the IB 3770k can support 3 monitors as long as I have a Motherboard that has 3 video outputs. The CPU also has FDI (Flexible Display Interface) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flexible_Display_Interface), which from how I understand it allows the iGPU to communicate with the Southbridge and also a discrete GPU simultaneously. I’ve heard yes’s and no’s that say option D is capable, as well as mentioning of being able to toggle back and forth from the iGPU and GPU using Virtu GPU Virtualization. It is my understanding that it is possible, but I have not been able to find documentation to support this and how it is done.

If anyone can provide an affirmed yes or no it would be highly appreciated. If the answer is no, then can I switch between the iGPU and the GPU without restarting the system with this Virtu GPU setup? Secondly if it is possible, then how (bios settings, any problems, motherboard requirements, discrete GPU card settings, etc.)?

Here is the potential upgrade list if this works:
• Asus Sabertooth Z77
• Intel Ivy Bridge 3770k

Ideal System Layout:
• Samsung B550 Series LED 27” connected via HDMI via GPU (Main)
• Samsung P2770HD LCD 27” connected via DVI via GPU
• Samsung LCD 32” connected via HDMI via iGPU

Other Components:
• Thermaltake level 10 GT Snow Edition
• Corsair H100 Liquid Cooler
• G Skill 16gb 1600Mhz RAM
• EVGA Geforce 480 GTX
• Corsair 240gb SSD Force III
• Western Digital 1 TB Black

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  1. I just did exactly this! I found out that I couldn't run three monitors with my new Asus HD6450 GPU (since it does not have a DisplayPort output). You just have to enable the option in your BIOS that allows the iGPU to run alongside your discrete GPU. I can't tell you if there are any problems, as I literally got it set up 10 minutes ago. I'm running a i7 4770k on the z87 chipset, so I would assume it's supported in z77, as well.
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