Need help about this Gaming PC

I am new here, welcome me

I'm looking at buying this PC,

Just wondering, I researched the CPU and found that it only supports 1333Mhz RAM modules however this PC has a 1600Mhz RAM module, am I right in saying that 267Mhz will be un-used? Or have I got the CPU info wrong?

Also is this a good PC for gaming?

I have contacted the seller and he can change components for me, would you have anything changed?

I'm not a hardcore gamer so I don't need anything over the top, enough for Battlefield 3 and COD etc.

Thanks for your help

EDIT: I have requested 64 bit Windows 7 instead of the 32 bit version, also is the 150Mbp WiFi card enough for my 30mb internet speed?
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  1. most mothrboards can handle DDR3-1600 with just a bios setting change, so I wouldn't fret that.

    The 550 is a LITTLE on the low side for the CPU, but should handle battlefield and other FPS games at medium settings at 1680x1050.

    Try to find out if its an AM3 or AM3+ motherboard. the latter would be compatible with Bulldozer, due out next month
  2. Well, the power supply is passable. The ram should have no problem being clocked down to 1333Mhz, but I'd keep it for bulldozer. Like squirrel said, it would be better to go with AM3+ motherboards right now.
    The video card, it depends on your resolution. For 1080p gaming I recommend going with a GTX 460 or HD6850 at a minimum.

    If you like, we could recommend some parts and could assist you with putting your own PC together. I don't know if that appeals to you, but we (enthusiasts) prefer to do it that way because we have more control over the upgrade path, etc.

    Oems typically use cheap motherboards that are hard to upgrade, and weak power supplies. The PC is not a bad one by any means, but the point is it could be better. And with a major platform change looming for AMD, its a good idea to choose wisely as future upgrades won't be on AM3.
  3. :o I would love a recommended system!!

    My budget is about £520 at the max, I live in the UK, I know a shop that assembles PC's so I can happily buy parts and get hime to build the system, I'm just looking for at least:

    1TB HDD
    3Ghz Quad CPU or better
    4GB RAM
    Graphics card that can play all the latest games in max settings at 1080p
    !!!AM3+ Motherboard!!!
    PSU [not sure at all]
    A case, doesn't need to be fancy, but doesn't need to be boring :D

    Seperate out of the £520 I need a 1080p monitor, keyboard and mouse, any suggestions?

    I will be gaming so I need a decent mouse and keyboard for the cheapest price, thanks!
  4. I'll post in correct section
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