Any chance of unlocking cores on 7750 CPU w/A79A-S board?

I tried to post this on an old thread, but I'm guessing my post got deleted for trying to reopen a closed thread - sorry. Hopefully posting a new question is the more acceptable way to go about it...

I have a Athlon X2 7750 BE CPU on a Foxconn A79A-S board (790FX). Can I (possibly) unlock the 3rd/4th cores on this CPU with my motherboard? Or should I forget about turning it into a quad and try some overclocking?

thanks for any advice...
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  1. I beleive that board does have Advance Clock Calibration (ACC) in the bios, turn it on and see.
  2. Since it's release and all reviews I've read there have been 0 indication that it will.
    For 70 dollars you can get a 3.3 GHZ tri core or a dual core 555 for around 80 and try to unlock that.
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