First Time Build, need many advices.....


Thanks for your time to read this

I have never built a PC before (lack of money), but i have been saving for some months now, and finally got the money to build one.. i want to do the best i can.

I already got most of the parts (wish i had come here first...), but anyway i want all your possible feedback

This is what i currently have

CPU: i5-2500k
CASE: Cooler Master HAF X
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600 MHZ
POWER SUPPLY: Cooler Master Silent Pro 850 watts
BOOT DRIVE: OCZ Vertex 3 120GB

I was wondering... do i need a CPU cooler and Case fans (or with the stock ones im ok)????

So, what do you think?? except from the CASE, all the parts are yet not opened... but i do not know if im able to change or return components (im not from the US)... but i could try

any advice based on previous experience with a build like this???

anything i should try to change???

Recently (after i had purchased) i have been reading a lot about problems with GYGABYTE mobos... about the infinite boot loop, so im really afraid about getting this problem, what do you think? should i be worried? or anything i could do to avoid this problem?? updating bios before installing eveything?? any experience with this?

For now, i will re-use a monitor , keyboard, mouse, dvd drive and a hard drive. Until i save more money for these parts

This will give me time to look more into monitors, as of now i dont know which way to go... 24"? 27"? 120hz? .. i dont think i can afford a 2650 x 1600 monitor.. so i will stick with 1920 x 1080 or 1920 x 1200. any advice on this?

And finally... any advice/recommendation before start TRYING to assemble everything??? anything i should update first?? FW? BIOS? or any advice in general??

i have my fingers crossed and im praying that all components will work ok.....

Im really looking forward to all your feedback.... thanks a lot, and sorry for asking so many things... i just dont want to have any problems
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  1. The build looks pretty solid and everything listed looks compatible so no issues there.

    As for the motherboard problems, i wouldnt worry. Gigabyte are solid manufacturer.

    If you know what your doing, go ahead and build :) If your unsure, or want some reassurance, check out NewEggs How to Build a Computer video part 2 on youtube (link here: This pretty much shows a start-finish build installing each component.

    Updates before installs - No certainly not. The BIOS shouldn't be updated unless its 100% necessary to fix some kind of issue.

    Install all components into the case, double check everything is connected. Boot. Fingers crossed for a single BEEP to show POST was ok and continue to install windows. Once your loaded into windows, begin updating your OS and drivers (not BIOS).

    One thing i will mention though, although im sure you've thought about it - 120GB as a boot drive? Thats pretty huge, 40GB would have been more than enough unless you plan to install applications and games on there aswell? In which case fair enough.

    Monitors - Personally i like the standard HD ratio of 1920x1080 it seems to generally be more supported than 1920x1200. Size - depends completly on space available, and personal prefrence. 22" is my favourite as you dont have to move you head much to see the whole screen. Hz/Refresh rate, 60Hz is generally standard, 120Hz is for 3D monitors - again this depends on personal prefrence, do you want 3d or not? If yes, get a 120Hz monitor. If you dont want 3D, save yourself some money and go for 60Hz
  2. Thanks a lot for your time and help!

    Well, i THINK i know how to build the computer (im not 100% sure), but i will definitely check that video, thanks!

    Do you think i should get the CPU cooler (hyper 212) and case fans?? (or im ok with the stock ones?)

    About the 120GB SSD boot drive, yes, i will use it as an os and applications drive..

    I asked about updating firmware or BIOS before installs because of this:

    and because of the infinite boot loop problem, (i thought maybe updating before installing will avoid the problem)

    About the monitor, well im not 100% interested in 3D, but it would be a plus to have, also i asked because i have read that 120hz monitors make a big difference in games??
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