3 monitor setup help?

hey everyone. just wondering, with an ati 5770hd gpu & win 7, can u run 3 monitors?

details: my htpc is setup in living room (1 hdtv). then i have a 2d monitor hooked up in office frm same pc runig in clone mode. i would like to add a 3rd monitor (2nd in office for dual display)but to run those 2 in expand/strech mode.
Is this at all possible with 1 video card that has 1 hdmi and 2 dvi ports. anyone know?

just to clarify monitor 1 & 2 = clone; while monitor 3 is a stretch/expand of 2.
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  1. My Gigabyte HD5770SO allows three displays with DVI, DP and HDMI. That requires an active DP to DVI adapter, such as this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814999032
    As far as I know, none of the 5770s allow 2 DVI + HDMI for a tri monitor set-up. Double check your cards manual for allowable connections.
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