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Video lock ups

Hey guys, new to this forum thing but hoping for some advise.

I'm having a video problem, lol yes along with 100's of other ppl I know, but I'm kinda stumped with this one.

I'm not a huge know it all when it comes to pc but I have been able to diagnose most problems in the past using the usual methods elimination and replacement etc, but in this case it's starting to get me stumped.

SO... get to the problem you say, ok, I'm getting video lock up when playing a video game, in this case MX vs ATV Reflex.

Now this is the hard bit. It's not happening with every game and it's not happening all the time. Sounds like a heat problem... I know but that's not the case.

The weirder part is when the game freezes my G15 still shows me the my ram is only at 30% and my CPU is only at about 55%, the game will continue to play the back ground music and the signal from the GPU will drop out and my monitor goes into standby mode. Weird I know, but it eventual changes and my CPU will show 100% and everything locks, all this in about 30 to 60 seconds. Once that happens I have to restart the PC and everything back to normal.

So guess what, out came the old and in with the new, removed 2 x BFG 8800GTS OC2 and in with new EVGA GTX570HD.
Same problem. Now this does not happen during video playback or while playing COD Black Ops. (with out the new card I was not playing this game anyway so it was a good excuse to the misses)

So today downloaded the latest video driver and lowan be hold same problem. Please help...

Pc specks
CPU i7 920
MOB Gigabyte EX58-UD5
RAM 6 GB Corsair CMG6GX3M3A1866C7
OS Win 7 Ulti 64 bit
PS Thermaltake TP 850w
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  1. Sounds like it might be the game itself. See if there's an up date to the game your having problems with, if not try reinstalling it.
  2. Have you checked any of the game's PC forums to see if any one else is having same problem?
  3. Thanks for the info, I will have a look to see if there are any same cases with that game.
    I did have the same problem before i replaced the GPU when playing Splinter Cell Conviction but i finished that game the other week with out problem after the GPU change.
  4. Also check your mobo for an updated bios.
  5. Ok, to add to my last problem, just finished loading Crisis 2, fresh install open the single player campain and 5 min in lock up....!!

    This is driving me insane... temp not even getting above 55c will have to try and look for some bios drivers.
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    The only thing I can suggest other than driver conflicts, heat issues and obvious things that you have eliminated already is memory issues.
    Bad ram module? ram timings? Did you run Windows Memory Diagnostics test (booted from OS install disk) for couple hours. Is your rig overclocked? Have you tried playing game at default clocks and timings?
    Nobody else here (old dogs) have any suggestions?
  7. I have looked at everything else I can think of, nothing is over clocked and everything is running at the stock setting that the PC recomended.

    I did ask EVGA tech guys for support and they sugested I look at my voltage setting in bios. I did what ever Bios upgrades I could but with the board geting old now there are not many available.

    Im hoping that its not Ram as the modules i have are really tight and I like the timings that they offer. its hard to get DDR3 with a C7 timing, but on the other hand they do have a life time warrently for failure so if they are stuffed i can always send them back to Corsair for replacements.

    I would love to replace the CPU and put a i970 in this maybe later if its still working. Hope its not the PCIE slot on the MB... :s
  8. Do you have another PSU to try? If not maybe borrow from a friend to test. A failing PSU will randomly lock up a system.
  9. Dont have a spare, might have to see a mate and borrow one... I dont think its the PSU though. Since the GPU is new im leaning towards RAM or CPU.
  10. If you borrow one that would narrow it down!
    Edit; Ram too while your at it since that's the easiest to swap out.
  11. I know this sucks without having gear to work with.
  12. Its been fun, I have done some tests, just finished a Ram tester and basicly took that away from the picture... It's starting to come down to CPU of MB... I hope its not the MB or the CPU.

    Anyway I'll keep chipping away at the problem.
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