I7 2600 temps... are these ok?

Im running a i7 2600 w/ a Thermaltake FRIO fan...

I know these are under the max threshold, but I guess I was expecting to see cooler temps (this is the first system I've built in 5+ years so my train of thought could be distorted as well...)

Idle @ 30c / 87F

Load @ 42c / 109F

stock speeds.... no over clocking.

Load is actually while I'm playing BF3 for a bit, not sure if that is a very good "load" but it's a gaming machine and that is what I'm playing mostly.
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  1. Unless temps exceed 70C, don't worry about them.
  2. Battlefield 3 puts most of the load on the gpu so you would probably better off using prime 95 to check your temps.
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