Intel 975x chipset vs intel q35 chipset.....

guys i'm going to buy a mobo i need your help... guide me which one chipset is better overall and why... and whats about gaming.... plz help
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  1. Both are old, obsolete LGA 775 chipsets. The G35 is the newer of the 2 and should support newer chips. The 975X was the first chipset to support Core2 and should only work with the older 65nm CPUs. G35 will probably support the newer 45nm chips. Neither is a good choice for a new system.
  2. anort3 buddy, i know thats preety old ones but due to some reasaons i need to go with that... only tell me q35 vs 975x ... you compare 975 and g35 but i want the answer of q35 vs 975 plz help...
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    Q35 and G35 are very similar. Q35 is better than 975X. Sorry, I thought you meant G35 I forgot there even was a Q35.
  4. you mean q35 and g35 are the names of same thing????
  5. I believe the only difference between G35 and Q35 is that G35 has integrated graphics and Q35 does not. Q35 also supports hardware Virtualization ( Intel VT-d ).

    About halfway down the page.
  6. but i saw a hp dc 7800 which has intel q35 chipset and also has builting gfx
  7. You can't game with integrated graphics anyway so it really does not matter. Also if you are buying an HP or a Dell or some other OEM the BIOS are locked so you can't overclock anyway so the chipset matters even less.

    HP may have had boards built to their own specs such as adding integrated graphics to a Q35 chipset.
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