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An older computer of mine has recently stopped outputting all video to the screen, both from the GPU and the M/board. It is not often used, but was working the night before; then, the next morning, simply nothing. It's not a gaming rig or anything like that, just for occasional browsing/emails etc. As such it doesn't have particular effective cooling, however all fans are working and have been easily adequate in the past. When I turn it on, everything appears to start as like normal (there are not beeps or double boots) and the GPU, HDD, PSU etc. are all humming along like usual. Just under two years ago the motherboard was replaced with a new ASUS board after the old one got fried in an electrical strike -.-

I have tried different cords, cord types (VGA & DVI) and even different monitors, but nothing seems to make a difference. I have also removed the GPU and rebooted connected to the M/boards VGA output - still nothing.

I have absolutely no idea what this could be or where to go next. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Core System Specs:
CPU: Core 2 Quad
M/board: ASUS LGA 775 PSG-41C LX
GPU: GT 220
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  1. Does anything show up in Device Manager?
  2. It won't output any video at all - neither of the 2 monitors can. I can't even see BIOS, loading...anything.
  3. Sorry...I should have picked up on the no picture part. If both the onboard and PCI-e don't work, I would lean towards the MB being the culprit.
  4. When you press the power button, is there any indication that the system wants to start?
  5. "When I turn it on, everything appears to start as like normal (there are not beeps or double boots) and the GPU, HDD, PSU etc. are all humming along like usual."
  6. Sorry over-read that part. It stays on? Or does it shut off right after?
  7. No it will stay turned on until i turn it off :S

    I'm going to try to get a cheap 775 M/board next week and swap out the old one for it, see if it will work then....short of that working, I've no idea what it could be.
  8. Let us know if that solves the problem. Good luck!
  9. Have you overclocked anything? There was no tamper with the motherboard itself. i.e. taken out? Possibly unplugged heatsink in the process if tampered.

    Have you tried resetting CMOS?

    I think you should eliminate the core components to know exactly what the problem is before you replace anything. Just my opinion.
  10. No, the computer hasn't been overclocked or tampered with for over a year, short of me removing and then replacing the GPU to try and solve the current issue a couple of days ago.

    Also what do you mean reset the CMOS - how do I do that?

    Thanks heaps for the replies by the way guys, appreciate it.
  11. to reset CMOS, u need to open the case(with all the supplies off) and on the motherboard , you will find a small battery. Just remove and reinsert it. power on and check if problem is solved. If not, then u have to unscrew the motherboard, detatch all the cables, except SMPS cables, video out cable and cabinet power button cable and power it on. Check if it is working
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