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5850 or 6950 help

so im looking at getting a 6950 for $280 at my local pc store but theres also a used 5850 for $170.
is it worth the extra $110 performance wise?
im going to be using at 'hopefully' 1080p.
im buying a new pc with these specs.
Also, is 8gb ram necessary? or should i go 4gb

Current Specs.
asus p5q-pro.
intel e8400
geil ddr2 ram 2gb
2x 4850's crossfire.
OCZ 750w psu (fatal1ty)

New PC specs.
amd 1090t
MSI 890fxa-gd70
8gb G-skill ddr3 1333mhz
same psu

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    Id stay away from used vid cards myself, unless your getting them really cheap, which you are not. 5850's were going for just under $200 new, and you can get a 6870 for just under $200. Well at least in the US and australia the pricing is like that. Shop around, rather than just going to your local pc store. 8gb is not necessary, you could put 4 in and always add another 4gb later if you dont think its enough. If your looking at a gaming pc stay away from 6 core CPU's. Some games run worse on them while 99.9% of games see no benefit from more than 4 cores. Save some money on the CPU, get a pII 965 and get the 6950.
  2. Yes it's definitely worth it(especially on a resolution like 1080p)
    As for RAM,if you're only planing to play games,then stick with 4GB.It's enough
  3. as others have said, 4gb is enough for now and near future. Used cards are cheaper for a reason, they will not last as long and the warranty may be invalid.

    you can cut costs by using a quad core phenom instead of the hexacore as was said previously. otherwise i would recommend switching to an intel core i5 processor like the 2500k.
  4. thankas guys
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