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So I assembled a computer a few months ago when I was in the US.
Intel i5-760
MSI H55m-E23 mobo
Antec Earthwatts 750W

Plugged in everything. Worked like a charm.
Then I moved to India and on the way the CPU fan broke so i had to replace it with a new one.
I decided to start from scratch for a litle better power management. Cables were all over the place.
I just plugged in the power supply to the motherboard and gpu, RAM and tried booting up. No display from the 460. I didnt connect my HDD cause i assumed it would go straight to the BIOS. Tried on-board video. Turns out the mobo doesnt have onboard video. Tried a 6600 GT. Worked flawlessly.

If anyone has any ideas, do let me know. Its gotta be the card. I did plug it into an old monitor that only has vga and used a vga cable with a dvi plug converter thing since the gtx only has DVI ports. Not sure if that has to do with anything.
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  1. did you plug in the power connector to the 460? try re-seating the 460 in the slot.
  2. iam2thecrowe said:
    did you plug in the power connector to the 460? try re-seating the 460 in the slot.

    Yup connected both cables PCI-E into the card. The fan on the card turns on. Just no video
  3. Anyone?
  4. Quote:
    what cable are you using to give signal to your screen ?

    I used a VGA cable with a vga to dvi converter cuz i had my old monitor on me. My new one just arrived and is completely DVI so gonna check that out tomorrow(left the desktop at work).
    Do you think the cable/monitor could be the problem?
  5. Quote:
    do you have a HDMI ready screen ?

    The one i tried no. The one I was using flawlessly before I moved, i just received in the mail today so gonna try that out.
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