Mounting first mother board (help me)

Im about to mount my first mobo in my case its the ASrock extream4 mobo my case is the Corsair Carbide Series 300R Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case. i know its the right size but it comes with (one) mounting screw. there are rased up mounds in the case where it looks like it would go in. ive only watched vids on mounting on mounting screws.. Some one tell me do i just screw the mobo on where it looks like it to go without mounting screws?
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  1. Err just replace the words mounting screws with Standoffs in my question in case it makes my question confusing. sorry
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    yes, you do not need the standoffs. just sit the motherboard down make sure it's in the right place then start screwing everything in. MAKE SURE YOU PUT ON THE I/O PLATE FIRST! (i'm pretty sure it's called the I/O plate. but it looks like this: )
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