3-way SLI GTX 580 PSU requirements?


One GeForce GTX 580 will consume 350W+ of power at 100% load. Not to mention the power draw from your CPU, RAM, motherboard, and other components.

Will the silverstone 1,500W PSU fully power a 3-way SLI GTX 580 system?
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  1. 350W Each? Something's not right there.
    On Nvidia's official site, they list the card power at 244W each.

    I know I'm still over-compensating here, but I think you would be better off with a Corsair AX1200W. I'm not sure on pricing on PSU's at the moment but I'm sure others will have better alternatives.

    EDIT: I forgot to say yes, it will power the 3-way 580's (the PSU's you and I mentioned).
  2. I don't think you get 350w per card. Probably around 300w in some cases so a 1.5kw psu will suffice with room to overclock your CPU and video cards also.

    Video card, CPU, Motherboard, these are the biggest power consumers, in that order inside a PC(from gamer lvl up). The rest do not use that much power.
  3. at TPU they measured maximum power usage at 326W running Furmark stress test, 'normal' games wont use that much power.
    I wonder how much folding@home would draw...
  4. joytech's got it right. 3 way GTX580's will pull about 60 amps - 720 watts, peaking at 70 amps. Figure 120 watts for the CPU, 100 watts max for motherboard and memory, and say 50 watts for 2 hard drives and a non-BlueRay optical.

    Those are worst case, peak estimates so a good 1200 watt PSU would be enough.

    I prefer to operate a PSU at around 50 - 70% of capacity, so I'd use a 1500 watt PSU.
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