I7 too hot ?

Hello, I recently put together an intel core I7 Z68 system with an h70 liquid cooler im getting Idle temps of 40 and on prime 95 at 100% i get 99c, in the bios the pump is running at 100% all the time, its in a push/ pull configuration, I have tried to reseat it I have also removed and reapplied thermal paste it has made no difference so what i tried was to try the stock cooler that also is running idle at 40c can someone helpp please ??
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  1. Anal retenive Questiom.
  2. can you please state your full specs?
  3. update your bios too.
  4. thanks for the reply pro-gamer my specs are as follows:

    EVGA Z68 FTW mobo
    intel core I7 3.5Ghz
    Geil 8gb ram
    samsung 2tb
    Evga 560ti superclocked
    Corsair hx 850 w psu
    corsair h70

    also my bios is updated to EVGA A05
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