Computer won't display anything

I pulled an old power supply out of my computer. (It worked just fine I just upgraded)

So I screw it in place, I run the cables to the 24 pin, the 4 pin cpu, hdd video card, dvd drive, all of it.

I start the computer back up and the screen remains blank. So I power down and I recheck everything. Everything is secured and clipped in place. I restart it and the same deal.

So I plugged the moniter into a laptop. Comes up fine. So it's not the monitor.

Then I figure maybe the video card so I plug it into the mobo (has the onboard graphics) still blank. I even took the caRD out of the computer just in case it was forcing to go to it. Still nothing.

I took everything out of the computer aside from the mobo and cpu and slapped it all back inside. Still nothing.

I took and cleared the cmos, then restarted. And still nothing.

It;s not the cable as that worked with the laptop. I even took and put the old PSU back in and it still doesn't display.

I'm stumped. Everything fires up inside. The video card is running, the cpu, the HDD, the dvd drive. But no display.

Anyone have any thoughts on what it is? Theirs no way any sparks got at anything.
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  1. if this is an old PC, did it work prior to you switching the PSU?

    if this is a newly built PC, what are it's specs?
  2. ya its an old one. It worked fine prior to switching the power supply.

    Now it won't display using the new or the new or old psu.
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