Best motherboard for i5 processor

can u tell me the best cofig in i5 proceesssor
for basic need of games ,autocad,n some vedios n simple photoshop etc
ram 4gb ,tell me the motherbord support also do the pricing of each components in indiam market
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  1. if your cpu is sandy bridge then look for msi z68 gd80 or asus z68 vpro both are same in features and performance. now it's up to you what s your budget?
  2. best i5 processor is i5 2500k

    in mother board you have a lot of choice h67,p67,z68

    these are 3 chipset avalvible z68 is hybrid of both h67 and p67

    h67 is low normal in gaming
    p67 is good in gaming and overclocking
    z68 good in all

    which company board you want to buy tell me name then i can tell you the exact model and tell me your budget i am from pakistan i can help you out and tell you eaxct price
  3. i am from pakistan too :)
  4. best to stick to p67

    h67 is not really worth bothering with

    low cost to high

    low cost p67 - z67 high cost
  5. haa! are z67 latest.
  6. yes,

    z67 = best features from p67+h67
  7. shanky887614 said:

    z67 = best features from p67+h67

    but it is not Z67 its's Z68.
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