I want to add videocard on my pc what can u recomment ?

I have Hp Compaq 6005 Pro Small Form Factor PC
processor(AMD sempron 140)going to upgrade it on AMD phenomII X2 555BE(3.2Ghz)
I just want to know what vcard will fit my pc for gaming
take note that the standard efficiency of my power supply is only 240-watts

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  1. If you are wanting anything more than budget graphics, you will need to upgrade your power supply. The 5770 is a decent card pound for pound if you are wanting somethign that can run games and isnt too big with lower power consumption, but even with that you will need a 500w psu. Best info you can give us so we can give you guidance on the matter is what games are you playing? what resolution? and most importantly, whats your budget?
  2. What are your full system specs?(Mobo,CPU,RAM,etc.)

    What resoultion do you game at?

    Already I can tell you that your are going to be limited with your choices because of your PSU.Your more than likely going to have to upgrade it to support a "good" card.

    Is this your PC?


    Lastly,what is your budget?
  3. YEs That's my Poor pc :((
    AMD sempron 140 going to upgrade in Phenom II X2 555BE(3.2Ghz)
    MOBo Hewlett-packard 3047h
    RAM DDR3 1333 1G going to add 2x DDR3 1333 2G
    I want to run Vindictus(Karok) or Divine soul in mid- high resolution
    budget for videocard up to 120$
  4. Well with that type of case you are very strictly limited.

    The phenom dual core @3.2ghz should give you a huge boost in performance which will also help your graphics rendering(higher fps).

    What games are you trying to play?

    What reosultion is your monitor?

    Well with a budget as short as that your not really going to get any high performance GPU.The one card that might work would be the 5670 but you would have to upgrade your PSU for that even tho it's a low power card.

    Another option would be to get a 6570.Although i'm still trying to figure out if you need a low profile card or a low profile bracket.
  5. I'm having a hard time trying to understand HP's specifications for your PC.

    Do you know what type/model of graphics card you have?
  6. So after a little research your PC supports low profile cards.This one is the most powerful graphics card you can get without having to upgrade your power supply.

    Saphire 6570 $75 + Free Shipping

  7. ow By the way I'm using a built in ATI radeon HD 4200
    lets say i wanna play crysis
    my screen resulution is 1280x720
  8. Crysis 1 or 2?

    At that resoultion games will require more CPU power than GPU power.Although that is a good thing because a 5670 isn't a very powerful card and any CPU you get will be much better relying on graphics than the card itself.
    I'd suggest going with a Phenom ii x4 if you can afford it.I beleive theirs one thats $30 more.
  9. Do you know the model number of your PC?
    Should be a sticker somewhere on the case that has the model number.If you can find that would make my searching so much easier.
  10. crysis 2
    sorry for my noobness XD
  11. ow w8 there's a lot of sticker in my pc i'll try to look
  12. I mean your not gonna play Crysis 2 on high settings or anything.Probably on low settings.Like I said your gonna need to upgrade your Power supply if you want a really good graphics card.

    Just the model number of the PC is all I need.
  13. Hp Compaq 6005 Pro Small Form Factor PC
    i want it on high
    yes I'm also thinking in upgrading my PSU
    but I'm having a hard time
    which will fit IN case
    coz it's a SFF
  14. Well to be honest if you want to play Cyrsis 2 on high settings your gonna need to rebuild it entirely.

    I would suggest buying a new case and getting an aftermarket CPU cooler.Crysis 2 likes really fast processors so you can O.C. your Phenom ii x2 555.You should be able to hit around 3.8ghz.
    The processor part is easy because a new case is only gonna cost you about $40 and the CPU cooler will be around $30.It's the graphics card that is going to be the hardest.Your going to need to spend around $150+ on a graphics card to be able to play on high settings.And then another $50 for a new power supply.
    And you said in your previous post that you were going to add more RAM.Was it 2G more or 2x2G which would be 4G more?

    As you can see it's going to become very costly to be able to play games at high settings.In total with all the upgrades you would need including your processor is gonna be around $360 and thats not including the RAM which would be another $40.
  15. I have been using the ASUS version (128bit version) of the low-profile GT430 for 10 months now, and have installed them in all 3 of my 'small form factor' HP 6005 desktops. The card works fine, though Nvidia lists it as using 49watts 'max' and requiring a 300watt case power supply, and HP lists the PCI-e x16 slot in the 6005 SFF at 25watts (with a 240 watt case power supply).

    To reduce power consumption (and gain performance) I've replaced the 'stock' CPU with AMD Athlon II dual-core 270's (3.4ghz at 65watt, though CPU-Z shows it running at 59watts) and the standard 3.5" SATA disk drive with Seagate 500gig 2.5" XT 'hybrid' drives (2 - 5 watts instead of 12).

    I can play LOL online at almost full settings (max resolution for my LCD 'wide' monitor) and WOT online at decent settings.

    I'm looking to get the 'mini-tower' version of the 6005 PC and see if I can use the Palit overclocked version of the GT460 in it. Nivida lists 'that' at 160watt max (less then 3-times that of the gt430) and needs a 450watt case power supply (50% more than they stated for the gt430). Since HP shows the PCIe x16 slot is rated for 75watts (3 times that of the SFF case) and comes with a 320watt case power supply (33% greater than the SFF case) I might just be able to get it to work...
  16. After a day of trying to find the 'specs' on the stock BTX 320watt power supply installed in the HP 6005 'micro tower', I found a unit on Ebay that had a detailed photo of the specification label.

    +12.1 Vmain = 16A max
    +12.1 Vcpu = 14A max
    -12V = 0.15A max
    +12Vsb = 1.3A max

    So, I don't think I'll be able to install a GTX 460 which requires 28+ amps on the 12volt 'rail'... (crap !) Should be more than enough to act as a central Linux-based server (with MythTV running) and a GT430 though...
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