Asus p8p67 reboot problem

i have an ASUS P8P67 Mobo and i have a problem since a few months.
Basically if i reboot the system with the windows reboot button the bios won't load and i'm stuck at the bios logo.
If i shut down the system and then start it i have no problem and it will normally work.
What could it be? I tryied to load default bios settings but nothing changed.
I have ASUS P867 , i5 2500k and win 7 64 bit.
I read some on this forum about Cold Boot problems with this mobo but i'm not sure what cold boot really is and i don't think it's my problem.
Thanks for your help
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  1. cold boot is when you turn on the computer via the power button.
    Warm boot is when you hit restart button, or restart windows from the start menu.

    You can try two things if your mobo supports them:
    1. Look in the BIOS for a Quick Boot option. Turn it off. It will take a little longer to boot, but hopefully it will warm boot correctly.
    2. Increase the amount of time the machine waits before looking for HDDs, this is known sometimes as Hard Disk Pre Delay, or something equivalent.
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