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Hello! I'm new to these forums and would like to introduce myself! I'm a university student, and as of right now I'm looking to build my own PC. I'll be using it for school work and gaming (SC2 and perhaps LoL). Okay, so let's get down to business.

I've found a combo on newegg that is within my price range and I don't have to make too many compromises. Here's a link (I'm from Canada, so the prices and shipping might be different compared the the American website):

This includes basically everything I'll need to buy. I have an oldish monitor that I can use for the time being. However, there are a few questions I have about this combo. First off, is everything compatible? Newegg has a disclaimer on their website stating that their combos may not be 100% compatible.

Second, I've been looking at a few graphics/video cards. My friend recommended this:

Mind you, I'm not all that familiar with building computers as I've never done it before and this entire project will be a learning process. I'm hoping that I won't need to pay much more than $110 for a graphics card. Really, I'm not looking for anything fancy, just something that can run my games without being unreasonably slow. Having said that, the best bang for my buck the better, so if there's a graphics card that's a lot better for only slightly more, I'd be willing to bump up the price. the only thing that I was told that I should have for a gfx card is GDDR5, 1GB and maybe 256-bit (I really don't know what any of that means :p)

Finally, the mobo that comes with the combo above is a micro mobo. I'm not exactly sure of what that is, but to my understanding it has something to do with the amount of input it can have? I don't really know.

So, that about does it with my first post, but hopefully there will be many more as I learn more and more about these computer things :p Any help on the above questions would be awesome. Thanks in advance!

PS: Sorry if this wasn't posted in the correct category.
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  1. there is a similar build with a $110 graphics card, with a higher quality case and power supply:
  2. ScrewySqrl said:
    there is a similar build with a $110 graphics card, with a higher quality case and power supply:

    With that combo, I'd be spending about $120 more after taxes/shipping, and on top of that I'd need to buy a HDD as that combo doesn't come with one. Unfortunately, like I said before, I am a university student so my budget isn't very big. I'm hoping to keep it to around $700 after taxes and shipping. With the set-up I have now, the cost is just over $680, and with combo you just recommended, I'd be dishing out $800 + HDD.
  3. you dom't want to cheap out on your power supply.

    You might do better picking your parts individually.

    I'll suggest these parts for a circa $600 build, US or Can.

    I5-2400 + 8GB DDR3-1600: $239.48

    MSI PH61A-P35 : $79.99
    It has SATA 3 and USB 3. while the RAM will step down with this, there isn't a huge difference between 1333 and 1600. You might also be able to manually 'overclock' to the 1600 RAM, or tighten timings at 1333.

    Seagate Barracuda 1TB drive: $49.99

    Asus 22x DVD: $20.99 (but free shipping)

    Coolermaster Elite 310 case w/ 460W Power supply: $59.99
    the PSU is only adequate, but it isn't a fireworks factory either. And its free shipping. all the inexpensive cases I'dd suggest in the US have $15-20 shipping, making them almost this expensive anyway.

    HIS HD6790: $129.99

    $580.43 plus shipping.
    a HD6850 would be $605 plus shipping
  4. After taxes and shipping, that would only cost me about another 7 bucks. Twice the RAM, better case, and a better gfx card, but with that, there's 500 GB less HDD space, and the PSU has less wattage. I don't think the the HDD will be a problem, but will the 460W PSU be a problem? M friend recommended that I go with a 700W PSU just to be safe. I guess he's also the guy that convinced me to go from the AMD 1070T six core to the i5 2400 quad from intel.

    I suppose I could work with that. Having said that, what are the chances that I'll have any trouble with the PSU?
  5. the 460W has about 384W on its 12v rails, a total of 32 amps. the 6790 needs about 20 amps, a 6850 needs 22 amps (for the whole system).

    the 1 TB drive is a lot faster than the 1.5tb you were looking at before, and is still a *lot* of storage space.
    as for i5-2400 vs Phenom II X6 1075:
  6. This is exactly why I decided to make this thread. Pretty much just so I could get the best I could afford. Thanks a lot for all the feedback!
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