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I recently placed an order on Amazon for a Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 just after they ran out of stock.

It has been a while now and I was wondering if they are ever going to get more in as the manufacturer's website still lists Amazon as the only seller of this card.

If not, can someone else recommend another card of equal quality or better for ~$160? I prefer to buy from Amazon as I was given a $30 gift card. I am not biased towards either ATI or Nvidia so either would be fine with me.

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  1. GTX 460 1GB(preferably the MSI HAWK version) can overclock beyond 5850 speeds.

    6870 is ~$180.

    Save a bit more and get a 6950/560Ti.

    If you're really desperate, you may even find a used 470 for the price of a 6870...
  2. Does anyone know if there will be another shipment of 5850's anytime soon? The 470 is way out of price range for amazon and I would rather not exceed $160 if possible.
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