Help with blue screen problem

alright so i had posted my blue screen error and was recommended to run a mem test so i did and nothing came up but the error was still there so i switched back to my old memory and same thing
the error is 1033 and in the device manager under memory driver it says
PCI bus 0, device 22, function 0

it said the same thing before so could it be a bad slot or something like that or what
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  1. What is this mystery memory?

    What mobo?

    Blue screens can be caused by incorrect memory settings, failing memory, failing power supplies and driver issues.
  2. its corsair xms3 ddr3 1600mhz 4x2 and mobo is biostar tz77xe4
  3. I need the memory model number. The info you give doesn't tell me what the timings and voltage are.

    Also need to know what video card and what power supply.
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