GTX 560 Ti vs GTX 560 vs HD 6870

Is my setup good enough to run the new Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on HIGH (maxed) at around 25-40fps? Or should i buy a GTX 560 or HD 6870? Will that max it out? Or will i have to go with a GTX 560 Ti to max it out? Also, i would like to know if i would get any bottlenecks or problems with these graphics cards if i do choose to purchase one. I will also overclock the graphics card that i choose to buy.

Please let me know what graphics cards you think are suitable for maxing the upcoming games in November or should i stick with my setup? -Thanks

My setup is:

Gigabyte H55M-UD2H
Intel Core i3 530 at 2.93ghz (dual core)
Mushkin enhanced 4gb (2x2) at 1333mhz
Monitor Resolution at 1600x900 ALWAYS
Western digital 500gb at 7200rpm 16mb cache
HD Radeon 5770 vapour-x overclocked
Sufficient fan cooling
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  1. somehow i got stumble with this when look around for the game requirement:

    if you scroll down it says that minimum card as 8800GT and recommended ones are GTX460 or HD5850. the recommended cards are both more powerful than your current one so that's an indication that you can't max out the game with your current 5770. though they recommend GTX460 / HD5850 for the game i believe you'll need something better than the two if you really want to max out the game.

    personally i think you should hold onto your 5770 right now. by the time game comes out surely we will now what kind of hardware we're going to need to max it out :). besides towards the end of year nvidia and AMD might release their new series. you might be able to get better deal from it.
  2. true, Thanks alot
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