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Is ATI Radeon HD6850 a good card? What are uts main features? Does it has physics technology and will it be able to play Crysis at full load?
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    no doubt the card is an excellent mid range card. as for the feature what are you looking actually? i think it is better for you to look at AMD site for that. but one major feature i can think of from ATI/AMD 6k series is the MLAA support for games (5k series also supported but the feature only come when the 6k series was out). as for the physic part i believe the card should be able to calculate physics but AFAIK there is no game out there using gpu to calculate the physics effect apart from the games that are using nvidia PhysX engine (to calculate very advance physics effect for the game. for basic or simple physics effect the engine still use cpu to do the calculation)

    btw crysis physics was not calculated from the gpu. crysis using havok engine for it's physics effect and havok 100% rely on cpu to caculate the physics in the game.
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