Problems using 2nd monitor after using ATI CCC Overdrive

here is spec:

CPU. Athlon II x4 635
Mobo. Biostar GF8200E
RAM. DDR2 4gb (2x2gb)
GPU. ATI radeon 5770
PSU. Corsair 500w

Computer was running fine up untill yesterday i was preparing to setup eyefinity had 2 monitors up and running no problem.for some reason I auto-tuned on the "Overdrive" part of ATI CCC (catalyst control center)Dont ask why, just massive failure on my part. encountered a graphical glitch and got BSOD with a "STOP" and "atikmpag.sys" error message. computer only works now with one screen attached if i plug the second monitor in i get the same glitch and bsod. i've system restored as far back as i can. Tried to restore settings in the Overdrive section in CCC. Express uninstalled ATI CCC and all drivers and reinstalled to no avail. Are my eyefinity hopes destroyed or can anyone help?
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  1. I forgot to mention, my dual screens work fine in Safe mode. Safe mode duplicates desktop no problem. in normal mode however it starts up in Extended mode not duplicate (is that normal considering i reinstalled CCC) and when i start a program i get graphics glitch and bsod.
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