Bad Caps 9600GT

Hi All,

Could anyone point me in the right direction to buy replacement capacitors for an XFX 9600GT.

3 Blown All in the FZ range : 2 FZ87 @1500 and 1 FZ83 @1000 all @ 6.3V. I know Rs components will have them but I'm just not sure which to get, as they have many options to chose from. Tried to RMA the card but their wonderful Lifetime warranty applies to XFX US only!

Appreciate any help here folks!


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  1. You are going to attempt to replace capacitors on the card? That could be extremely dangerous and result in other system components being damaged. If I were you, I would save that money for a new card instead of replacing the caps. I'm sorry I don't know where to buy them, but that's my advice.
  2. Thanks for the response , but I can solder and have replaced many caps for LCD's etc....Is it really that dangerous to attempt this? - Nothing ventured nothing gained I say! ;-D and for the cost of around a £5 I've gotta try it, just having a height issue with the replacements - Anyone else point me in the right direction on RS Componenets......

    Cheers 11:11
  3. Ok found the Caps I need from RS - in @ £4.60 with 3 spare each! Why XFX didn't replace when they know the Sacon caps they supplied are prone to frying I'll never know!

    I'll post with a successful working card soon I hope! And If anyone has the same issue I can let them know part numbers.

    AK 11:11
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