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2/2.1 speakers/monitors/bookshelf for Gaming + Sound Card for <300$


I am looking to buy in the future a NICE LOOKING and with BEST SOUND for the money 2/2.1 system and Sound Card. 5.1 is overkill for my desk plus I got a 7.1 Cinema System already and 7.1 Logitech G930 wireless headphones.

I saw some recommend Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 for the speakers but the reviews are mixed like low end bass is bad(crap I don't know what they mean :)).
Edit:I just been to BestBuy and listened to this Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia and I would say Bass sounds a little "closed" like cheap subwoofers enclosed in a plastic cover even when I compared to the Logitech Z506, but they had bad satellites.
One thing please don't recommend me Logitech or Creative, I just don't like those brands and their speakers are ugly(no offence to anyone).

As for sound card I have no idea, I had a Creative XFI Xtreame Gamer but their software was shxxxt and buggy.

Please recommend me some speaker system and a sound card to go with that wouldn't break the bank. Max for both 300$.

PS: Design and some bright colors would be nice.
something like this :)
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  1. Idk what others are going to say about this, but for a 2.1 setup, i don't believe a sound card would bring much value. Using the integrated chipset should be enough to handle the job
  2. ^^ Not with some decent speakers and, for instance, a ASUS Essence ST/STX, which was designed with stereo output in mind...

    Also, if you HT system supports HDMI input, you might want to take a look at the Auzentech Home Theatre HD, as its HDMI In/Out would be an attractive option to make connection a LOT simpler...
  3. So Asus Essence Stx for sound card, how about some decent speakers for my price? I am really leaning towards 2 monitor/bookshelf speakers as I don't listen to music on my computer and for games I think I wont need much much bass for a separate subwoofer ?!
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    Well that depends on the music you listen to firstly, and secondly if your a "bass head" like myself. Any 2.1 system is going to begin lacking below Hz simply because a speaker below 6" in can't really move air like it needs to. (Hence why the Kilpsch 2.1 systems are lacking in the -low- lows.)

    Cambridge Soundworks has always been really good in the relm of sound quality. And unlike other manufacturers that have gone the route of "high excursion 6 ' ' drivers" to cut costs they do still offer setups with 8" subs.

    Though if your willing to go the studio monitor route...
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