Gtx 470 running 98-99% on bc2

Alright, i've googled several times on this, and really haven't found an answer to my exact question.

I recently put in a new mobo, processor, and RAM to cancel out my bottleneck with my card, and am wondering why BC2 is running my card at almost 100% and continues to increase my temp on the card. this is my specs so everyone knows

Cooler Master 932 HAF
Corsair 850w PSU
Intel Core i7 960 3.2ghz
ASUS Rampage 3 Formula
Corsair VENGEANCE 6 gigs @ 1600mhz
EVGA GTX 470 standard clock

Now i recently updated my drivers to my GPU, and i noticed an increase since then, but am not certain. I know on my old build (Intel core2quad 2.4ghz) that my game never made my card run hot at all. I manually turn my fan speed up to around 70-75% and the game never got over 73 degrees Celsius. but now that i have noticed the game is running almost 100%, i have to crank my fan speed to 80% and the degrees gets to around 80 Celsius as well. My direct question is why does my temp continue to increase with bc2. i understand that its great that the card is running at full potential, but i want to know why my temperature continues to rise, when i haven't changed anything about my system, minus my upgrades.
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  1. not sure i understand you:

    in your old system, your cpu was the bottleneck. this means that your gpu will not run at full capacity. this means it wont heat up as much.

    now in your new system, your gpu is your bottleneck, meaning it is running at full capacity. full capacity = hotter.
  2. +1 to Overclocked Toaster, that is likely the cause of the increased GPU usage.

    My GTX 580 runs pretty much constantly at 99% when playing BFBC2 at maxed out settings. Mid-80c temps is actually pretty good for a GTX 470. If I were you, I would switch to Auto fan and let it get as high as 90c, which is it's normal operating temperature. Then you won't have to deal with the loud fan noise. As long as it's venting heat outside the case, who cares how hot it is, as long as its not overheating.

    If you are concerned about GPU usage, maybe turn on Vsync to limit the frames to 60 fps.
  3. yea that was pretty much the answer i was searching for, but couldnt find it because no one really explained exactly what i was looking for. my knowledge on computers is decently high, but there are certain things that i dont fully understand because i've never worked with them. bottlenecking being one of them.
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