Will my cpu bottleneck my graphics card?

I have a Pentium Dualcore 3Ghz processor and my motherbord has a pci express x16 slot.
MY ram is 2gb DDR2 running at 667Mhz and my graphics card is Radeon HD 6850.
I have a coolermaster 500watts powersupply.

The problem is that the Gpu load is not going above 30% even when playing games.
Plz tell me what i should do now to improve the performance of my graphics card.
I dont have the budget to replace both my CPU and motherboard, but i can replace any one of them.
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  1. if you are playing on low resolutions, your cpu will definitely be your bottleneck. If you are playing on higher resolutions, it will depend on the game, but yes you will still often bottleneck your video card. I would recommend a better cpu and also more ram (at least 3 GB) What socket does your motherboard use?
  2. I agree with oc'd toaster, but anyway a 3ghz dual core is not bad and should perform well enough for most games.
    Try to disable Cpu bound options in-game like physics or ai behaviour and see if it makes a big difference. If it doesnt, you need more (and maybe faster) ram, or a better hdd, cause it seems that data access/transfer is too slow for your 6850
  3. As long as you have adequate framerates in the games you are playing, do not obsess over load percentages....

    Shift the resolution as high as you can go for your monitor, and AA/AF settings upwards, shifting even more of the load at higher resolutions to the GPU.

    (I would not contemplate upgrading short of a new MB/CPU/RAM.....)
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