AMD CPU with which motherboard?

Hello Tommy's community!

Okay so, I have an AMD FX 6120 CPU.
I was wondering what motherboard would be good for this particular central processing unit?
I want it to be around $150-$250, and preferably black and or blue color scheme. To accent my case and fans nicely. :D

Thanks again, love you all brothers.
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    You are going to want an AMD AM3+ Socket, 990FX chipset motherboard.

    Here is a solid one in black / blue for 155

  2. Both of the mainboards itzdanielp linked to would work just fine for you. I am running my FX-8120 on a MSI 890FXA-GD70 and has worked great with it. Myself I prefer MSI but Asus is also great.
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  4. Thank you guys. :)
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