I just bought the gtx 560 that is is listed as being compatible with the step up program, before finally acquiring the correct one i went through two other cards both of them gtx 560ti, ive noticed that the ti had the ability to overvolt the card, which paved the way for truly awsome overclocking, but the regular GTX 560 didnt have the same ability to overvolt? Im not sure if the is the intention of the Step up program, but i was wondering if the the GTX570HD had overvolting? *Note that this is the basic version of this card, not the superclocked edition, also the other card on the line up was the basic edition of the GTX580, does this card have access to overvolting features? I can be more specific with part numbers if need be
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  1. I just need to know if the reference versions of the cards listed have overvolting capability
  2. anyone?
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