Frustrated with ASUS support, P7P55D PRO USB problems

So I have a P7P55D PRO motherboard. It's almost three years old, so my warranty is about to be up. I've had three problems related to USB since I first got it but dealt with them until finally get fed up. Going back and forth with the very unhelpful ASUS support, and I finally got a cross-ship only to find out that my motherboard is out of stock and that I have to send it in before I can get a replacement. Very frustrating since I can't send it in without having something to replace it with right away.

So, I'm wondering maybe I can try and fix this USB problem myself? I have three issues:

1) USB is super slow to my Canon Vixia camcorder. It takes 5-10 minutes for the device to be recognized and in the process my system is basically not useable (extreme lag). Then it takes the same amount of time to just click on the camera icon within 'My Computer' and basically I have to give up trying to use it on this system. The camcorder works on any other computer I've tried, just not this one.

2) The back USB ports intermittently stop working and are extremely sensitive. If I just touch the connection the USB device will disconnect and then reconnect. Sometimes it won't even reconnect. This is a very consistant problem on all my devices and I can't tell you how many times in a middle of a game my mouse stops working or my mic for no apparent reason.

3) My front USB ports don't work at all sometimes. They are connected to one of my motherboard USB ports and are split into two front ports. Sometimes they just don't work at all, and other times they work fine without the problems I have with the back ports. I don't know what makes them work, it seems random and I have to shut down to try and get them to work if they aren't (doesn't always do anything).

So, this is a motherboard issue, right? Anyone have similar problems and overcome them without having to do something crazy or expensive? Also, has anyone had this cross-ship-out-of-stock issue with ASUS and got them to do something reasonable for you?

I'm just so frustrated with ASUS's support. I've spent a month now trying to get a replacement and they tell me to call back, or I'll get an email and never do, or just give me wrong information. It's been so terrible...

Thanks for reading this, sorry for venting but this is the only place I can :(
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  1. Hey Pallimud,

    My name is Scott, with the Asus Customer Loyalty team. If you want to email or PM your RMA number to me, I can look into this a bit more for you. Email might be better, as I'm a little bad about checking my PMs here, but I will leave it up to you. My email address is in my signature.
  2. Thanks for the reply cl-scott. I sent you an email with the information. I hope you can help somehow!
  3. I haven't received it yet, so let's give it a little longer, but if you haven't heard back from me by say 2PM Pacific time, make sure to send it again. If you don't hear anything by the end of the day, then send me a PM and I'll try and leave myself a note to check those come Monday.
  4. I sent it with the subject "Re: Problem with motherboard (via Tom's Hardware)"

    I can send again if needed though.

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