Should i upgrade my CPU or GPU

Ok so my question is which part should i upgrade in order to see more fps in my games.
Currently i am using
4gigs ddr3 g skill ram
AMD athlon II x3 3.1ghz cpu
ATI radeon hd 5770 XFX GPU

I was think of upgrading my cpu to either an amd 1090t or 955be. Are six cores really better than 4? Or is 3 enough and should i upgrade my gpu instead?
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  1. What resolution do you play at? What brand/wattage is your power supply? The best upgrade would be the GFX card (most games aren't coded for more than 2 cores anyway). Do you have a 64bit OS? If so another cheap upgrade would be more RAM.
  2. For gaming, 6 cores are no better than 4.

    I'd say get a better GPU. The X3 can push beyond a HD5770 in most games (bar the highly CPU intensive ones, eg SC2 and Civ 5 etc) and a better GPU can only improve performance.

    Plus, putting down money for a processor soon to be replaced is not a very good idea.
  3. Thanks for all the quick replies. I an running a 64 bit os and i play at 1080p, i do not like to go lower with the res.
    my psu is an ocz stealth x stream 650 watt.
    i was also thinking of getting 4 more gigs of ram since it would only cost 25 bucks on newegg.
    i suppose a gfx card is wat ill upgrade. I'm thinking of getting the radeon hd 6870
    what do you think about this choice? it also comes with deus ex free =]
  4. How about this one instead?
    $190 XFX HD-687A-ZHFC Radeon HD 6870 ($30 MIR, Free shipping, and comes with DeusEx. Or buy it with Shogun, and get $30 off too)
  5. oooo. that one is cheaper and still comes with deus ex. i like that.
    o yea some games i play are starcraft II, Age of Conan, Call of duty black ops,

    EDIT: How big of a performance boost would i get if i get another HDD and go RAID0 and add 4gig of ram for a total of 8gigs? Would this upgrade be noticable?
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