Xfx 5830 Windows 7 No Mouse Display with HDMI?

Hi folks need a little help i am getting a very weird problem. I have recently bought a XFX 5830 and now as i connected it with my HDTV as well using the HDMI cable i found very annoying problem. The problem i am facing as using Windows 7 when i boot in the system it got hanged i just see the wall paper and nothing else on the screen even no mouse as well
but when i remove the HDMI cable from behing the card i got everything on the display this problem only i am facing with windows 7 but not windos Xp any idea how to resolve this issue please wait for your reply folk's
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  1. i have the same Problem after win 7 updates in November 2011. my computer ist going up and down. if i switch the hdmi off -> the pc is starting but mouse is freezing

    now my usb controller is killed. reason is up & down *** ...*** off
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