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My computer was working fine until yesterday when it suddenly collapsed. No power from SMPS,no fan was running, total dead silent. Power was there only in Mouse,keyboard (both PS/2) and my LAN port. Since then this problem persists. Provide power from main,Keyboard and mouse get power but nothing more.
Is this a problem with cabinet power button which is not working or SMPS has died? Is SMPS is not working then where the power in keybord and mouse is coming from?
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  1. check to see if all cables are plugged in from your psu.
  2. Thanks for your reply!
    I will definitely see that. But if this is a problem related to cable the PSU fan should run, right? power is coming to keyboard and mouse, so PSU power cable cannot be faulty.
  3. Another thing to add, I have one HD 5770 ATI graphics card. For the last 2 weeks or so my computer is not booting up with the graphics card. It is working fine with inbuilt graphics. Does it indicate that my mobo (mainly PCI-E slot) started dying since then and the other day it completely died out?
    just let me know 1 thing. Does power in kb and mouse indicate that my SMPS is doing well?
  4. ok..solved the problem..Jumpstarting of mobo did the trick for me.
  5. hi

    i face the same problem. r u get any solution about ur pc?
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