9800pro fix help?

Hi all @TH,
as the title says, im after some info/advice on my 9800pro. The problem im having is the card constantly telling me the molex cable isn't connected as soon as i power up the system. So far iv tried resoldering the molex on the card, removed the molex port and fitted another, tried the card with 3 different psu's and lastly in the oven for 15mins@200*c.
Surprisingly even after the oven trick its asking for the cable to be connected. Does this mean its still alive and working? is it just the cards bios outputting the display message but has a dead gpu?
Strangely there in no signs of burnout damage/burst capacitors, no burnt connections (even before the oven).
This card still looks like new so i havent been able to find the issue. This one has me baffled. anyone have advice on this problem would really apreciate it :D
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  1. Looks like the card is simply gone bad.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Looks like the card is simply gone bad.

    im starting to wondering if its the bios gone wrong?? is it possible to flash it using a pci card to get to windows while the 98pro is in the agp slot?
  3. More likely that a voltage regulator or something similar in the power circuit on the card is is gone.
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