ASUS GTX 460 768 MB, EVGA GTX 460 SE, or EVGA GTX 550 Ti?

I'm debating whether to get the ASUS GTX 460 768 MB, EVGA GTX 460 SE, or the EVGA GTX 550 Ti.

ASUS GTX 460 768 MB



Can someone please tell me which one is the best card for its price. Thanks.
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  1. the gtx 460 768mb is the fastest one and a great card for that price
  2. All three cards are in the same performance category.
    You might be able to see some minor distinctions with benchmarks in different games.

    Do not anguish over the decision.

    I might pick one of the evga cards. If you should decide that you want something stronger, they have a 90 day trade up policy.
  3. Yeah, I'm going to go with the EVGA GTX 550 ti because I like EVGA Precision, OC Scanner, and it can actually fit in my case. ahah !
  4. and keep in mind that graph is a lowly clocked gtx 460 at only 675 mhz,
    with safety and EASE I would say 99% of 460's can be overclocked to at least 800mhz easily using MSI afterburner.... and then the lead over the 550ti is well worth it

    On my old gtx 460 768mb (which I now gave to a friend) I had it at 920mhz easily with a 100mV voltage bump, almost no added temperature and the noise was still in-audible. That gave me a 30% increase, to about ati 6870 levels
  5. i would take the 5770 over the 550ti for obvious reasons, it uses less power but gives the same performance. but if you can find a 460 that fits, go that route. Keep in mind the 550 and 460 use a decent amount of power. a Good quality antec/seasonic/corsair 450w PSU should be used. Dont use a no-name brand. The 5770 uses the least powert and can be run from a strong 350w unit.
  6. I have a Corsair CX500 and HD 5770 uses 450 watts while the GTX 550 Ti uses 400 watts.
  7. ^ that is BS where's your source for that? power consumption chart > the 550 uses 50 more watts under load than the 5770.
  8. ohh I thought you meant like as in the power requirements. ahaha
  9. ^ the power "requirements" you speak of are "recommended" not requirements. They put their recommended psu higher as many cheap PSU manufacturers overrate their psu's. An example is a Diablotek psu rated at "600w" cant even produce 300w in real world testing, where an Antec 380w can produce a little above its rated power. Nvidia and AMD have to overrate their recommended PSU wattage to make sure their cards will run even if you have a crappy psu.
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