Gtx 560ti VS ati 6870 oc

Hey should i get the gtx 560ti or ati 6870 oc i will be running 1 screen 1920x1080 but i like my eye candy for gaming . I currently have a 9800 gtx 1 gig and i wonder if i can use that as a physics card with the NVIDIA card ?

i7 920 4ghz
gigabyte ud4p
6 gigs dominator memory
800 watt gigabyte odin gt
coolmaster V10 cpu cooler
1.32 TB harddrive 1 TB wester digital caviar black and samsung 320gig
gigabyte 9800 gtx silent cell 1 gig

OH and both the above cards are GIGABYTE
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  1. The 560ti would have the performance edge on the HD6870 but both cards would work well for your resolution. You can use the 9800 card as physx with either card there are hacked drivers out there to do that with ATI (AMD) cards.
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